The War Graves of Ystradgynlais

The Unknown Fallen of the First World War

The Ystradgynlais War Memorial contains many names which it is difficult to assign a definite identity to. Where the Commonwealth War Graves Commission cannnot come up with a local connection, and where no known war grave or remembrance grave exists in the locality, we are dependant upon family members and members of the public making us aware of who individual members of the fallen are, where it has not proved possible to identify them.

The War Memorial also contains what we believe to be spelling errors and duplicate listings. Where applicable we have linked to whom we believe the correct individual to be, including where probable duplicates are listed once under Ystradgynlais, and a second time under a neighbouring village. However, where there are potential duplicates within the same locality (eg two of the same name within Abercrave) we have linked only to one, and left the other as a potential Unknown, because it seems possible that there is someone amongst the fallen whom we do not, at present, know of.

This page lists all those whom we cannot at present assign an identity to. No insult or denigration is intended in any way; it is simply an issue of the current state of our research. We would heartily encourage any family member or member of the public who has information, or even a possible identification, to contact either the webmaster, or the researcher, to let us know how we may move individuals from this catch-all webpage onto a memorial page of their own.

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Below is the current list of all names on the Ystradgynlais War Memorial, for the First World War, for whom we have no identification. In some cases we have a tentative potential identification, but without any evidence of a local connection we cannot list them on this website as being definitely that person. Therefore, we are treating those few individuals the same as we are the majority of the names, many dating back to the First World War, for whom there is no identification whatsoever with Ystradgynlais and District, and where the CWGC has provided not even a potential identification.

Please, if you know who any of these individual fallen are, contact one of the above-listed email addresses and inform us so we can create an individual webpage for their memory. Thank You.

The List of Unknown Fallen -

R Bamford H Davies H G Davies L Davies
R Davies D Griffiths (2nd) D Howells W Hunt
A Martin O Thomas P Thomas J Williams (2nd)


J Jones J W Morgan J Owen J Price
T Price J Williams    


The Fallen of World War Two

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