The War Graves of Ystradgynlais

War Graves & Remembrance Graves

The Wargraves and Remembrance Graves of Ystradgynlais and District is one of four local history websites, put online as a community resource, freely accessible to everyone. The main purpose of Ystradgynlais Wargraves is to present a detailed memorial page for each of the fallen from both world wars. These are indexed on the World War One and World War Two pages. Initial identification comes from the war memorial, basic information from the Commonwealth War Graves Commission and detailed information from the Llais newspaper archive, local memorials, cemeteries and family contacts with the researcher.

Ystradgynlais War Memorial

The War Memorial in Ystradgynlais has been remodelled, to feature updated memorial plaques which include some spelling corrections of the names of local men among the fallen, as well as a few additional names, who had been left off when the memorial was first created in the 1970s. The access to the memorial has been improved by the creation of a single gateway into Gorsedd Park and a new pathway and base area around the war memorial.
See our webpage on the construction of the New Memorial

For a long time, Ystradgynlais did not have a war memorial in the form of a cenotaph, and the plaques in St Cynog's Church seem to have played that part. In the late 1970s, The Valley Star newspaper was part of a campaign to establish a memorial, that would later become the monument by Parc Gorsedd that was replaced in 2016 by the one above. The original monument can be seen in outline below:-


To pay our respects to the fallen of Ystradgynlais, Cwmtwrch and Colbren, we have made over 100 poppies and each one holds the name of one of those men who gave all for God, King and Country.

We have placed the YEARGroup poppy cascade as part of the WW1 Remembrance display 'Their Name Liveth For Evermore' in Ystradgynlais Library. We have matched individual poppies to the photographs put up by the library on their background display. The cascade sits among books on the history of the First World War, as well as some detailed biographies of the fallen compiled by the library.


Read Val Trevallion's Introduction to Wargraves Research in the Upper Swansea Valley.

Ystradgynlais Wargraves is put online by Swansea Valley researcher Val Trevallion and Wolfian Design. This website is a community resource, freely accessible to everyone, and we are not affiliated with any other organisation.
If any information presented is incorrect, or incomplete, please email us and we will be happy to add all pertinent information to the website. You can contact Val Trevallion by emailing :-
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