The War Graves of Ystradgynlais

English Congregational Chapel, Ystalyfera

The English Congregational Church in Ystalyfera was opened in 1869, and was demolished in 2005. It held memorials for both world wars, information about which is presented below.

Full history of the church can be found at
comprising around a dozen pages of detailed information.

First World War

The decision to spend money on a marble war memorial for the fallen from the church was made at a Special Meeting in July 1917, as recorded in the chapel's Minute Book (below).

Minute Book

Below, can be seen the marble plaque, now housed in the Royal British Legion, Ystalyfera, after the demolition of the chapel. Also reproduced is a schematic diagram of the plaque, by Val Trevallion.

The Marble memorial
Now housed in the British Legion, Ystalyfera
Schematic Diagram
These chapel memorials held more information that can be found on the town war memorials, listing both the rank and the regiment and unit served in.

The Glorious Dead 1914-1918

Walter George Faulkner
Albert Victor Lloyd
Lewis Westcott Baker
Harold Martin
William Thomas Henwood
Harold Idris King
Henry Groves

Second World War

In 1958, the English Congregational Church erected a plaque to the memory of the members of the congregation who died in World War 2.

'The Labour Voice' 24th January 1958 records the unveiling of a memorial to the members of the English Congregational Church, Ystalyfera, who had fallen in the Second World War:-

A tablet with the inscription 'In abiding memory of the men of this congregation who fell in the War 1939-1945' was unveiled and dedicated at the English Congregational Church, Ystalyfera on Thursday January 9.

The service was conducted by the Rev. W.J. Samuel, Neath, Secretary of South Wales English Congregational Union, and the unveiling ceremony was performed by Mrs Peters, the oldest member of the Church.

The names of those on the tablet are: William F. Antell, Cecil W. Bonehill, W. Allen Cornelius, Idris Jones, J. Douglas Jones, W.G. Robert Marsh, W. Bertram Mathias, Donald Wade.

Fell In The War

William E Antell
Cecil W Bonehill
W Allen Cornelius
Idris Jones
J Douglas Jones
W G Robert Marsh
W Bertram Mathias
Donald Wade


Ystalyfera Memorials

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